Cleaning Up Imported Content

If you imported any data from another site it's important to make sure everything displays and works properly.


Review each page and rebuild the navigation

Each page has to be reviewed and the navigation has to be built simultaneously. For information on building the navigation, see: Menus

You can access the list of all the pages by logging into your site and the going to Content -> Content list. The following are to be reviewed in each page.

  1. Check that the title is correct.
    • It should appear in the Title field and not be repeated in the body.
    • The Title field does not need to include the site name or university name. This will be automatically added to the title bar in the browser.
  1. Check that the content is correct and displays properly.
  2. Check that images show up properly and are correctly sized.
  3. Check the links in the page. For more information on links, see: Links
  4. Check your URL settings.
    • At the bottom of the edit page, click on the link URL Path Settings and make sure the text box contains the alias you want to use for the page.
    • If you want the page alias to always match the title, check the Automatic alias check box.