Drupal 7: Node export and import


How to export a node and import it?

In Drupal, you can export a page and import it back into the same site or a different Drupal site which has the same content type. For example, one can export a Basic Page from one SF State site to another easily.

Node export

To do this, login to the site from where you need to export the content. Navigate to the page that you want to be exported and click on the "Node Export" link.

This will show the export code. Copy the code.

Node Import

Login to the site where you want the above page to be imported. Navigate to Content --> Add Content --> Node export: Import on the top menu.

Click on "Paste Code" section and paste the code.

Click on the "Import" button. This will import the page into the new site.

Bulk Export

Sometimes you might want to export multiple pages. In this case, after logging in, navigate to Content menu.

Select all the pages that you want to be exported by clicking on the Checkboxes corresponding to the pages.

Once you have selected the pages, go to the "Update Options" section on the top of this page and select "Node Export" from the drop down option.

Click on the "Update" button. Copy the code from the next page.

Bulk importing these pages is same as importing single page as explained above.


note: If you don't see any of these options, it might be because you don't have enough permissions. These actions are typically done by Full Admins are Admins.