How to Create a Quicktab Block

About Quicktabs

Quicktabs allows users to display content in a tabbed container. When a user selects a tab the content associated with the tab is displayed in the container. A node, view, block, or another quick tab is the type of content that can be displayed.  Quicktabs can be displayed on pages by enabling them in regions on the Blocks page. They can also be viewable on pages through the use of Panels.

Before you begin you should have

  • A website on the SF State Drupal platform

  • Content developed on the site

How to Create a Quicktab Block

  1. Log in to the Drupal website on the SF State platform

  2. From the Administration menu located at the top of the page, selectSite building and then choose Quicktabs

  3. Select the NEW QT BLOCK tab located at the top of the page

  4. In the Block title field enter a name for the quicktab block

  5. From the Style drop-down menu select a style for the quicktab
    Note: You can view the different quicktab styles by selecting Site configuration from the Administration menu, and then choosingQuicktabs

  6. In the Ajax section select how the quicktab content should be loaded by either choosing Yes: Load on the first tab on page view or No: Load all tabs on page view

  7. If you would like to have empty and restricted tabs hidden, check the Hide empty tabs box

  8. In the TAB TITLE column in the top field enter a name for the first tab

  9. In the TAB TYPE column of the same row, select the type of content to be displayed

  10. In the TAB CONTENT column of the same row, choose the content to be displayed

  11. Complete Steps 8-10 for each tab that you would like to create

  12. If you need to create additional tabs select the Add tab icon

  13. Select the Save button located at the bottom of the page

The quicktab block should now be created and can be accessed on the Blocks page.