Local site search - Google Appliance


How to enable local site search module (that uses Cal State's Google search appliance)


  • Local search collection. Please contact Drupal Support if you don't already have one.
  • Works only in Drupal 7

Enabling and configuring the module

  • When logged in, go to the Modules menu and search for "SF State Google Appliance". Enable this module. You will be prompted to enable a dependent module. Enable the dependent module as well.
  • Then, go to Configurations menu and look for Search and Metadata --> Google Applicance.
  • Type in http://search.calstate.edu for the Search collection Host Name.
  • Type in the local search collection name in the "Collections" text field. This will be in the format of sfsu_<name>. Example: sfsu_finance
  • Type in the string 'sfsu-edu ' into the "Frontend client" text field. Note: do not substitute string with another value
  • Scroll down to "Search results auto filtering" and change it to No filtering.
  • Type in the "Search Name" text field in the format of "Search <your site name>". Example Search Finance
  • Save this configuration by clicking the "Save Configuration" button.

Placing the search box

  • Go to Structure --> Blocks menu and look for "Google Appliance search form". Click on configure link and type in the title in the format of  "Search <your site name>". Example: Search Finance
  • On Region settings, change the region as Sidebar on the SF State Template and Save the block settings.
  • This will place the search box on the right sidebar. You can rearrange the block based on your needs by going to Structure --> Blocks menu.
  • Test your search box by making sample searches.
  • Final step is to configure the permissions so that visitors can see the search box. Go to People --> Permissions and search for "Use Google Appliance searches" permission set. Check the anonymous user and authenticated user checkboxes and Save the permissions page.