Update Page URLs

The web addresses of pages on your Drupal site may end in node/ followed by a number, which is the node ID. This section of the tutorial will explain how to add a URL alias for each of the pages so that the web addresses reflect a title rather than the node ID.

  1. Open a page on your site

  2. On the web address of the page make a note of the node ID, which is the number following node/

    Note: This information will be needed for adding an alias

  3. From the Administration menu located at the top of the page selectSite buildingURL aliases, and choose Add alias

  4. In the Existing system path field enter node/ followed by the page’s ID number. For example, node/245

  5. In the Path alias field enter the name of the original page as listed on the site before it was moved to the Drupal platform. For example, about.html
    Note: This will ensure that users who have bookmarked the page from your previous site will still be able to access the page on your new Drupal site.

  6. Select the Create new alias button

The URL of the page should now be updated.