D7 - how to increase the default font size of custom content type fields that are not using CkEditor


Go to Structure --> Content Types --> <your-content-type> --> Manage Display


If the Layout option says 'None', change it to 'One Column' under 'Display Suite' and save it.

Image showing how to select one column layout

Now, click on the 'Gear' like settings icon corresponding to the field you want to customize. On the next screen, change the "Choose a Field Template" to "Expert".

Image showing how to change the display suite field template

Now, click on the 'Outer wrapper' check box and in the corresponding 'Element' field type is either p or div based on your need. If you choose div, then type in biggerfont in the corresponding 'Classes' field. Click on Update and then click on the Save button.'

Image showing display suite expert options