Drupal at SF State - Accessibility basic guidelines

The following are the most common accessibility issues with sites moving to Drupal. Please double check these items when working on the content.

  1. If you are changing the site banner image, modify the Alt text such that it describes the new image appropriately. If you have text in the banner image, the alt text should contain those text exactly the same.
  2. When adding image to a content, add alt text explaining what that images is. For more details, refer to how to add an image section.
  3. Do not add Heading 1 style to a page - by default the page title is Heading 1. You can use Heading 2, Heading 3 and so on - but use them in the right order to maintain proper heading structure.
  4. When adding a table, make sure it has a heading row/column and it has either the summary or caption which explains what the table is all about. Do not keep the heading row/column label empty. For more details, refer to how to add a tables section.
  5. Do not change the default font color or font style