Drupal 7: Performance upgrades

On May 6 2014, we will roll out a performance upgrade on all Production Drupal 7 sites. The upgrades are non-intrusive in terms of content creation and update. However, some of the UI modules that let you make structure changes to the site will be disabled. These modules can be enabled by navigating to the Modules page on the Admin menu.

It is highly recommended to disable the modules again after the changes are made.

Below is the list of disabled modules.


Note: We will be using Varnish (Caching system) going forward. Meaning, if any changes made to the site are not reflected immediately, please clear the cache and wait for few minutes. If it still does not show the changes, contact Drupal Support.


Module Comment
DBLog All logs will be stored in files using SYSLog module going forward
Views UI Enable this module to add/edit Views
Rules UI Enable this module to add/update Rules
Context UI Enable this module to add/update Context settings
Field UI Enable this module to manage Field settings for content types
Update Manager Content authors will not see the "Module updates available" warning anymore
Node Export Enable this module to export/import nodes
Path breadcrumbs UI Enable this module for breadcrumbs

Please feel free to comment below if you have any questions/concerns.