Site re-structure, basic usability, content strategy


If you are trying to come up with a basic content strategy for your website, the following guidelines might help. They are not comprehensive but they are a very good starting point.

Inventory your content

Use any tool (most people use excel), to list down all the content on your website. Review the list and see what content is still valid and what is not.

Identify your audience group

Brainstorm and figure out who your primary and secondary audience groups are. Students, Staff, Faculty, Global, Internal?

Gather stats

Use Google Analytics and find out:

  • Most hit page
  • Most searched keywords (incoming and within your sitel)
  • Identify top 5-10 tasks that people come to your site for
    • Gather this information from combination of stats collected above and by interviewing 3-5 people from your identified audience group

Conduct basic usability testing

  • Identify 3-5 people who are not too familiar with your website
  • Give them the identified 5-10 tasks
  • Observe them to note down the following:
    • Where they are expecting the information to be?
    • How many clicks it takes them to get there?
    • Do they use the site search box?
    • Do they end up finding the information?
    • Is the information accurate and current?

Content Deliverables

If you looking for more comprehensive way of doing this, checkout this video: