Slideshow accessibility

Slideshows (Caoursels) are one of the hardeest things to make accessible. The slideshow module at SF State is generally accessible but it is recommended not to use the slideshows as the only means for displaying critical information. Below are the general guidelines.

  • Slideshow should not run automatically
  • Number buttons should be keyboard accessible (focusable and focus is visible) in different browsers (IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari)
  • Selecting the number button should announce somehting similar to “Go to image 2 out of 4”
  • Once button is entered, the slide show will go to image number 2 and read the alt text of the image.
  • Slideshow should not be the only source to put important information. In general, avoid slideshows for critical information and use more accessible means.
  • Do not put any text that is longer than a short headline into the overlay.
  • Add a description on the overlay that explains what the image is about.