How to Add a User Group Manager

Before you begin you should have

  • A website on the SF State Drupal platform

  • A faculty or staff account on SF State Gateway

  • A valid SF State faculty or staff e-mail address for the group manager
    Note: Group managers must be SF State faculty or staff

How to Add a User Group Manager

  1. Log in to Security Groups Management on SF State Gateway at

  2. On the Security Groups List page will be the list of user groups assigned to your site

  3. Select the Edit button for the group that you would like to add the user as manager

  4. On the Edit Security Groups page in the Managers section enter the user’s SF State e-mail address in the field provided

  5. Select the Add Manager button

  6. Select the Save button located at the bottom of the page

The user should now be a manager of the selected group.