You can upload an image or link to an image using a url. (Note: This assumes you are using the CKEditor with an external file browser integrated which is the default for SF State sites)


  1. Click on the image icon (a square with a picture of a house Image icon).
  2. First enter the Alternate Text. This is required so that users with a screen reader will know what the image is. Make the text descriptive but not too long.
  3. To insert an image that was uploaded to the server previously, click the Browse Server button and select the picture from the right pane of the window that pops-up.screenshot of CKEditor Image properties window
  4. To insert an image that is on your workstation -
    • Click the Browse Server button like above and then click on the Upload tab, click the Browse...(or Choose File... depending on the browser) button and select the picture from your file system.screenshot of the upload button
    • Click the Upload button.
    • This will store the picture on the Drupal server
    • Find and double click the picture from the right pane.
  5. To insert an image that is already on an external website, click on the Link tab and enter the URL in the URL field.
  6. You can resize the image by changing Width or Height. Click on the lock icon (Lock Icon) if you don't want to maintain the aspect ratio.
  7. You can also rotate the image by clicking on the rotate icon ().
  8. Click the OK button.