Once you've added some content, you're going to want a navigation structure. You can do this through menus.


The default menu in Drupal 6 is Primary links menu and in Drupal 7 is Main Menu which shows up in the left sidebar.

You can create your own menus and move things around in primary links/Main menu.

Second level menu items are only shown when you click on the top level link. You can change that to have the second level links always shown. Third level and lower do not show on the menu.


Reorganize menus

  1. If Drupal 6: Go to Site building -> Menus -> List menus.
    If Drupal 7: Go to Structure -> Menus.
  2. If Drupal 6: Click on the link for Primary Links.
    If Drupal 7: Click on the 'list links' link corresponding to Main Menu
  3. Here you can drag items to a different order or to become sub-items by pushing them to the right.
  4. To have sub-items always displayed without having to click on the top level link, check the checkbox in the EXPANDED column in Drupal 6 next to the top level item. In Drupal 7, click on the 'edit' link and check the 'Show as expanded' check box.
    screenshot of menu editing page


Add pages to the menu

You can do this either while creating a new content or while editing an existing content. In other words, you can do this from the Edit mode.

  1. Scroll down to the bottom of the screen in when in Edit mode
  2. Click on the Menu Settings vetical tab
  3. If Drupal 6: Type in the Menu Link Title that you want to appear in the Menu
    If Drupal 7: Check the Provide a menu link check box and type in the Menu Link Title that you want to appear in the Menu
  4. Select the appropriate parent item
  5. Set the appropriate wieght to determine the order of the links - this is optional becasue you can always re-arrange the menu as described above in the Reorganize menus section


Add a new menu

  1. If Drupal 6: Go to Site building -> Menus -> Add menu.
    If Drupal 7: Go to Structure -> Menus -> Add menu.
  2. Enter "new-menu" in the Menu name field and "New Menu" in the Title field.
  3. To have this menu show up in the left sidebar for navigation, you'll need to add in it's block. See the Blocks lesson.


Change the default menu for a content type

  1. If Drupal 6: Go to Content management -> Content types -> Edit [content-type]
    If Drupal 7: Go to Structure -> Content types -> [content-type]
  2. If Drupal 6:  Click on the Default Menu Parent vertical tab
    If Drupal 7: Click on the Menu Settings vertical tab
  3. Select the item from Default parent item list that you wish to be the default. Top level menus are indicated by angle brackets eg <Menu>.