Module Development and Usage


Modules may either be accepted by the community and rolled into the main code base or may be installed just for your site. We recommend sticking with community supported modules as much as possible as you will have a lot more support and assistance.

To try out a module, fill out the Module request form. The module will be added to the wcmdemo server and a notice will be sent to the community ( informing everyone of your request. This is helpful in case anyone else is interested in a similar module or has experience and can give you feedback.

If you decide you would like to move forward with the module or want to gauge community interest, you can add it to the agenda of the next community meeting where it will be discussed.

You can also request a coding session on the module if it needs some changes before it will meet your needs.

If the community decides to adopt the module and it passes the accessibilty and security requirements, the module will be added to the production code base.

If it is not of interest to the broader community, as long as it passes the accessibilty and security requirements you may still have it added to your production site. However, you will be responsible for upgrading the module when the site is upgraded to a newer Drupal version. You may not have the option to stay on an older Drupal version and the module will be disabled if you  have not upgraded it in time.


Developer Responsibilities


  • Review guides for setting up a local dev env
  • Any development must be packaged as module or theme


  • As with content you are responsible for ensuring all modules you develop or use are accessible


  • ITS will offer support and recommend scanning tools but you are responsible for ensuring any modules you develop or use outside of base meet all SF State security policies


  • You must perform load/performance tests.
  • If a module causes performance degradation on the server, it may be removed without warning.


  • The base infrastructure will be upgraded periodically for security and performance
  • Warning will be provided whenever possible, however sites cannot remain on a different installation level when an upgrade is performed
  • It is your responsibility to update your modules as necessary

Remember this is a shared infrastructure

  • Any negative impact may result in modules being removed without warning