Other Modules and Content types

There are other modules and content types available as part of the base SF State department site. An administrator will need to enable these modules before they are available for use. The lesson Adding Content Types describes how to enable modules. This is a brief description of  some of the available modules.



This allows you to add blog posts.


This allows you to display a calendar view of events. We'll be adding an additional lesson on setting up a calendar soon. Basically you will need to create an Event content type with a date field then clone the calendar view and update the cloned view to show your event content type. Enabling the module automatically creates the calendar view.

We are discussing a campus-wide implementation of an Event content type that would allow you to flag certain events to be included on the campus calendar.


This allows you to add forums where users can post topics and discussions.


This allows you to set up a quick poll for users to answer.


This is still under development but is a more sophisticated poll that allows for weighing votes.


This allows you to create forms that will email the submission to a list of email addresses. 

Do not include any sensitive data in these forms! A copy of the submitted form is stored on the Drupal server and the user can look up previous submissions.

There is a lesson on Forms.


This allows you to create wiki pages.