To organize your web page or other content, you may want to add tables.

Add a table

We're going to create the sample table below which has 3 rows, 2 columns, a header row, the name "Sample Table, and fills the whole page.

  1. Click inside the Body text area and click on the table icon (square with a grid inside).
  2. In the table properties enter "100" in the Width text box and select "percent" from the drop down list. This will make the table as wide as the whole page.
  3. Select "First Row" from the Headers dropdown list. This will make the top row use header style.
  4. Enter "Sample Table" in the Caption field.
  5. Click the OK button.
  6. Your empty table should be displayed. You can now click in the table cells and enter data. 
Sample Table
First Name Last Name
John Smith
Robert Johnson






If your table does not display properly, it could be that the content input format is not correct. Open the page in edit mode. Underneath the Body text area, click on the Input format link. Select the radio button beside "CKEditor HTML" and save the page.


Add/Remove Rows/Columns

If you need to change the size of your table after it has been created you can right click on a column or row (or ctrl + click on a mac) and select from the pop-up menu.

  • Row -> Insert Row Before
  • Row -> Insert Row After
  • Row -> Delete Rows
  • Column -> Insert Column Before
  • Column -> Insert Column After
  • Column -> Delete Columns

Also sees the Views section for adding tables that list web pages or other content from your site.

The Help Guide on Tables has more information about creating tables and changing the formatting.