Department Website

Site Policy

We are currently working on the official policy and requirements for sponsoring a department website. In the meantime any site on A to Z ( is eligible to migrate to Drupal and we will evaluate other sites on a case by case basis. Please contact for more information.


Website Owner/Sponsor Responsibilities

Copyright, content ownership

  • All content belongs to the site owner not ITS
  • It is your responsibility to know what can be posted on your website


  • It is your responsibility to know what can be posted on your website
  • No sensitive data should be stored in the CMS!
  • ITS can help integrate modules with other backend systems such as Oracle DBs for you to store data elsewhere
  • Do NOT share passwords, manage access carefully
  • If you are unsure about anything, please contact the ISO before posting it.


  • ITS provides tools to assist with accessibility testing but it is the owner’s responsibility to understand requirements and verify with DPRC University communications

University communications

These responsibilities are subject to change. Please check frequently and ensure you are always aware of your responsibilities as a website owner or sponsor.


ITS Responsibilities


  • ITS provides two load balanced web servers (vitrual) that are dedicated to the Drupal environment
  • It is your responsibility to know what can be posted on your website


  • ITS is typically available 8am-5pm on business days.
  • ITS does not provide 24x7 support but does monitor the servers and will attempt to restore service in the event of an outage
  • See also Acquia Support


  • ITS performs a nightly backup of the file system and database
  • ITS can restore a Drupal website to the latest backup with in one business day upon request from an owner/sponsor


  • The Drupal environment is integrated with the campus federated sign on (Shibboleth)
  • ITS is not responsible for any data stored in the Drupal CMS


  • ITS will provide training for end-users set up a site and manage content
  • ITS does not provide training for developers


  • ITS provides 250 MB of storage space per website (department or program)
  • Audio and video content should not be stored on the ITS server but can be stored in DIVA and served through Drupal
  • ITS is working with Academic technologies to improve the integration between Drupal and DIVA. If you have video or audio content that you need displayed on your website, please contact Academic Technology to store you content in DIVA.

Server Access

  • Access to the Drupal servers and databases is restricted to ITS