Welcome to SF State's Drupal website

What is Drupal?

  • Is a žContent Management System ž
  • Built on open source application Framework ž
  • Has a large community (worldwide) ž
  • Has Modules (like apps) can be built and shared to achieve functionalities ž
  • Sites can be built based on templates ž
  • Allows individuals (with access) to easily publish, manage and organize a wide variety of contents

Why Drupal?

  • Save Time - Quickly add content to and edit your website 
  • Save Money – Free software. No need to hire an expensive web designer, make the changes yourself.
  • Easy to use – Non-technical users can update content.  Once setup, Drupal requires no advanced technical skills
  • Take control of your site

Drupal at SF State Highlights

  • SF State template
  • No hosting fee for you
  • Imported existing content from old site (that are on SF State template)
  • Publishing workflow
  • Functionality like
    • Forums
    • Blogs
    • Webforms
  • SF State global login (Single sign-on)